365 Days Of Overthinking. Everything.

Literally everything. The stupidest things. Even breakfast cereal or what URL to use. Seriously, it took us 20 minutes. No joke.

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I am a great believer in
the ringing sound the doorbell makes
when you release it in frustration

I am a great believer in
the constant silence that seldom breaks
and slows the world down a bit

I am a great believer in
the practice of throwing away clocks
but curiosity got the best of me

I am a great believer in
the art of collecting rocks
just because they are pleasing to see

I hope you are too;
it’s nice to agree.


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I love those who smile in trouble, who can gather strenght from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves of their conduct will pursue their principle unto death.
Leonardo Da Vinci

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Twitter- 5 days in

I’ve composed a total of 3 tweets over the course of the past 5 days. It’s much more challenging that one would imagine, especially for one who believes that there are not enough words to sufficiently describe a single thought or feeling (let alone in 140 characters!). I find it hard to imagine how some completly express their thoughts with a simple “YOLO” or “Swagy”. It baffles me. I suppose I just need time to adjust, to mold my vocabulary and learn to make use of short, yet descriptive words, such as “lucid” or perhaps something more accepted, such as ”fucked”. My heart longs for the endless character capacity of tumblr, where I can freely express my thoughts and emotions, even if there is nobody there to read them. And so, despite the excitement of celebrity tweets and new followers, I am drawn to the cerulean coated tumblr, to roam and blog among misfits like myself. Mmmmm….tumblr…    


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